Web Concepts

The world wide web is the virtual extension of reality. Web sites, portals, eCommerce and other web applications are quick and important pillars of communication, company presentation and marketing. Whether static or dynamic content, a strategically positioned web presence is reachable by your customers and personnel around the clock, throughout the year. So it becomes an important factor of interpersonal interaction.

We at avalaris help you to create the most efficient area of operation and optimal positioning of your web site. So you can reach your desired clientele, can offer requested tools and achieve higher efficiency in your business. Professional design and first-class usability offer the possibility to communicate your image to online customers, build trust and boost the acceptance of your web site.

Modern technology helps to realize portability to diverse end systems, makes room for interaction and facilitates the integration of existing structures of your company. Through integration of databases and intranet you can provide your customers with individual content and tools, give up-to-date information and manage your web site easily.

Our Contribution

avalaris offers you exactly the service you wish for your web presence. Our structured approach to project definition and problem solving guides you logically and comprehensibly to your web site.

According to your company environment and your customer base we first define content and appearance of your web site. According to these specification and your preferences we select the most suitable technologies. Our diversified portfolio provides you with every possibility:

  • connection to all established database systems (ORACLE, MySQL, MS SQL, etc.)
  • system integration with various interface technologies (XML, SOAP, .NET)
  • diverse scripting languages, such as PHP, ASP, Java, CGI, Perl

According to your presentation and communication styles we choose the ideal techniques to present your content and functions online correct and to its full extent:

  • static and dynamic pages according to personalization and chronological structure of content
  • Javascript, Flash, Shockwave and Java allow easier navigation on complex pages, lighten up presentations and make integration of videos possible
  • (X)HTML, WML, SMIL, SVG, PDF and other output formats are chosen according to the output system

Furthermore we design back-end-systems according to your specifications, which make maintenance and system integration easier. You can undertake maintenance of your web site yourself or you can leave the complete maintenance to our professional service. Our subsidiary supply extends from:

  • training for all important languages (HTML, Javascript, PHP, ASP, Perl, Java, etc.)
  • training for all established Web Publishing Programs (such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Golive) and animation tools (Flash, Director)
  • design of content management systems, intranet, data pool solutions

Upon completion we provide you with all guidelines and design specifications within a comprehensive documentation, which can help you with upgrading and re-conceptions.

Let avalaris guide you in the construction of your web site, and benefit from your new virtual identity.

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