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Your work requires mobility and team spirit? Sometimes you work from your home office, sometimes you are in your real office and other times you spend working in yet another branch office? You work in a team, together with a lot of different people on as many different locations? Your data is valuable and its security is very important to you?

With VPN, all your wishes regarding mobility, team spirit and security can come true. All the benefits can be used from any internet account with the VPN (Virtual Private Network). Its elaborate systems of authentication and encryption ensure security for the communication with your colleagues and in contact with your data.

VPN is THE recommended technology today in order to establish your personal private network across countries, providers and systems. Your own virtual network is hereby contacted through an encoded channel over an internet connection. Thus, the network environment you are familiar with is available to you from everywhere and the communication with your colleagues can start.

The authentication and encryption of VPN-channels protect your data from being overheard. In combination with a professional firewall your whole network is secured from unauthorized access. With this, your data is safe and you are mobile throughout the world.

Equipped with encrypted VPN-channels between the access point and the wireless clients, even a wireless LAN can be as safe as a cable-bound LAN.

Regarding your requirements and wishes, we implement VPN channels on open source software basis (FreeSWAN) or with commercial software. No matter if it is a gateway-gateway or a road-warrior/teleworker. In every case we'll find the cheapest solution that fits your requirements ideally.

Our Contribution

avalaris wants to bring you close to the advantages of VPN-systems and VPN-technologies as uncomplicated and easy as possible. On the other side of course we want to help you get rid of your security problems.

That's why we first analyze your requirements and system equipment components together with you. Then we work out the fastest and most efficient way to the security of your system. By using the best up-to-date techniques for security, availability and maintenance of network we create a new conception of your network and the schedule of its implementation.

The evaluation of the system and its continual maintenance with updates and integration of other security systems provide the friction free functioning of the network and thus the save and secure cooperation and communication within your company.

avalaris is your competence partner when it comes to VPN and security. We offer the possibility of soft migration and the integration of all your previous network techniques and systems.

VPN/Security - Infosheet [PDF]

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