Asterina - Additions

Asterina is a downright versatile platform both from the hardware and software perspective and the operating system and can accordingly be adapted and expanded flexibly.

Beside the main functionality as PBX many smaller automating tasks can be executed. De facto only your imagination sets the limits. Should the CPU not be sufficient for the thought-of tasks, the excellent scaling possibilities of the platform allow switching to the next higher power stage.

Here some examples of the possibilities:
As already mentioned, there are nearly no limits to your imagination!

Just ask for a noncommittal talk and we'll get creative together!


  • firewall
  • network monitoring
  • resources monitoring
  • WLAN access point
  • control tasks
  • facility automation
  • intranet server (web, proxy, wiki, calendar)
  • access server for remote maintenance
  • MP3-player
  • and many, many more

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