Asterina - Web Interface

The Asterina web interface is the central configurator of Asterina PBX.

With it you can:
  • install, change and delete SIP/IAX-extensions
  • define, change or delete voicemail boxes and/or forwarding email addresses
  • define the simultaneous ringing of several extensions
  • define pickup and call groups
  • set timeout
  • define last resort routes
  • administrate various direct outward dialings and individually assign to extensions
  • define cost unit codes to each extension

Virtual extensions are also fully supported by the Asterina web interface.
With it optional direct-dial-mappings or dial groups can be defined, which in turn can be combined and cascaded with their own voicemail boxes, timeouts and last resort routes.

Furthermore general administrative actions can be covered:
  • start, stop, restart of PBX-software
  • various system status informations
  • short dial definitions
  • fax server configuration and administration (optional)
  • least cost routing administration (optional)
  • call detail records
  • start, stop, restart of overall system
  • and many, many more

Here some screenshots for a first orientation:

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