Asterina - Voicemail

Asterina offers an extraordinarily flexible voicemail module, which can satisfy the most varied customer requirements.

In standard cases voicemail messages are delivered as WAF-file to an email address allocated to every extension. So it is not necessary to retrieve messages via telephone which is often impractical - furthermore the email delivery address can be configured individually for every extension through a web interface.

If you want a more traditional voicemail functionality, incoming voicemails can be saved locally by upgrading of Asterina with an inbuilt hard disc. Those voicemails can be accessed via telephone and sequence control using the telephone keys.

Of course access to your locally saved voicemails is password protected. This password can be changed at any time via the web interface or the telephone keys.

Included in delivery of Asterina voicemail option are standard texts (German/English). Existing individual recorded announcements can be imported at any time - on request we can coordinate the recording at a professional sound studio.

Voicemail Option

  • voicemail system (mailbox) for every participant
  • password protection possible
  • various texts for "not available" or "busy"
  • default and/or individual announcements
  • email notification on incoming message in mailbox
  • forwarding of voicemail messages
  • visual "message waiting" display on IP-phone, if supported by the IP-phone