Asterina - Least Cost Routing (LCR)

With its LCR option Asterina can really exhaust its cost-optimizing abilities.

Should several alternative providers with respective area codes be installed, a GSM-Gateway establishes the cost-optimal connection to business-GSM-VPN or simply VoIP connected branch firms first dialed up via IP-telephony - Asterina tries to always find the cost-optimized route when configured accordingly.

Even more - of course hierarchized routes can be configured. Asterina first tries to connect via the optimal route. Should this not be possible due to technical reasons (circuit failure or others) the next best route will be tried - if you wish, even with an announcement about the cost structure of the attempted route. So clarity about cost is always provided.

Of course a time-related distribution of connections to different telephony providers can be realized.

EAN optimal LCR can adopt rather complex structures and usually is established in close collaboration with the customer and his telephony infrastructure. That goes as far as controlling decision algorithms through a database that can be balanced with the respectively valid tariffs of the telephony providers, the availability of a sufficient interface provided.

Least Cost Routing Option

  • LCR through various alternative telephony providers possible
  • LCR in consideration of VoIP-connections (ENUM, fixed connections, branches)
  • GSM-Gateway
  • and much more