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Asterina - Featurelist

Our Asterina VoIP-solutions are based on the well-known open source PBX-platform Asterisk® and therefore can be configured extremely flexible and extensively.

Gladly we will evaluate every customer request however unusual, and if possible will extend the software in order to provide a custom-made system for our customers.

Just ask us - call us or use our contact form!

Standard System

  • caller-ID transmission
  • caller-ID rejection
  • call forwarding at "busy signal"
  • call forwarding at "no answer"
  • call forwarding variable
  • put through of calls
  • hold
  • call waiting
  • take calls
  • block calls through "do not disturb"-function
  • call lists for accounting
  • call waiting, hold, call back
  • permissions management (0900, etc.)
  • permissions groups for outgoing calls
  • fax support
  • ENUM support
  • waiting queues
  • waiting queue music, flexible and freely definable (MP3)
  • volume control
  • playback sequence, linear and/or random
  • protocol bridging
  • integration of existing telephone systems possible
  • cross-location VoIP-systems (VPN)
  • VoIP-gatewaying (details see here)
  • TAPI-interface for phoning from Microsoft® Outlook and all TAPI-supporting programs
  • AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) programmed diaplan control (Perl, PHP, C, Shell, ..)
  • and a lot more

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Switchboard Basic   <Details>

The switchboard has to administrate many extension lines at once and needs an adequate interface for call management.
Asterina has a functional, solely browser based, solution, which enables to connect incoming calls to the desired extensions via drag 'n drop.

  • visualization of extensions with caller ID and optional name of party
  • display if busy
  • display of called and calling number
  • visualization of waiting queues, including waiting calls
  • call agent administration possible

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fax server (Fax2Email, Email2Fax)   <details>

A fax server fully integrated with Asterix is ideal to combine with Asterina. Through definition of fax phantom extensions incoming faxes can be distributed electronically directly to the receiver.

  • direct distribution of incoming faxes via email as JPEG- and PDF-attachments
  • emails with attachments are being sent via fax
  • transmission confirmation included on demand
  • can be administered via web (optional)

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Microsoft® Exchange 2007 Connection     <Details Exchange>

With our Exchange 2007 Connector Asterina can easily be connected to a Microsoft® Exchange 2007 Server, in order to fully use its functionality regarding UMS. Asterina then acts as telephony bordergateway for the Microsoft® infrastructure.

  • Integration to Microsoft® Exchange 2007
  • telephony bordergateway to public telephone network

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Microsoft® Office Communication Server (OCS) Connection   <Details OCS>

With our OCS Connector Asterina can easily be connected to a Office Communication Server, in order to fully use its functionality within the Microsoft® VoIP infrastructure. Asterina then acts as telephony bordergateway for the Microsoft® infrastructure.

  • Integration into Microsoft® Open Communication Server
  • telephony bordergateway to public telephone network

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LDAP / Active Directory

LDAP as well as Active Directory are no foreign objects for Asterina – it goes without saying that your central business data can be integrated into the functionality of Asterina. Be that customers' addresses to execute a reverse lookup immediatly at a call and have the customer's name appear on your display, or to centrally operate the workflow in Asterina, the possibilities are (nearly) unlimited.

  • LDAP integration
  • Active Directory integration

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Herold-CD integration

The Herold Business CD with most Austrian business addresses can be integrated for a reverse lookup of telephone numbers in order to show the caller's name in place of the calling number on the display of your VoIP-phone. This is a further possibility to attune to a caller when you have to deal with many different customers.

  • integration of Herold CD reverse lookup
  • instead of the phone number the name of the caller on display right away

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Waiting Queues

Ideal for ordering or service hotlines. Agents can be integrated following definable strategies and during peak periods additional agents can log into the waiting queues at any time to accept calls.

  • various distribution strategies
  • flexible log in of agents
  • waiting music/text definable for each waiting queue

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Voicemail Option   <Details>

Asterina provides you with flexible, configurable voicemail options according to your wishes. For example voicemails can be retrieved conventionally via telephone or conveniently be submitted also via email.

  • voicemail system (mailbox) for each user
  • password protection possible
  • various texts for "not available" or "busy"
  • default and/or your own announcements
  • email notification on incoming message in mailbox
  • forwarding of voicemails
  • visual "message waiting" display on the IP-phone (if supported by the IP-phone)

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Least Cost Routing (LCR)   <Details>

Considering the many different telephony providers it is easy to lose track where, when and whereto you can call most cheaply. With an according configuration Asterina can provide you automatically with the most favorable telephony route for every single call.

  • LCR through various alternative telecom providers possible
  • LCR considering VoIP-connections (ENUM, fixed connections, branches)
  • GSM-gateway

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

According to your conceptions Asterina can be equipped with voice-operated systems which react to the input of the caller and for example connect phone calls or can take reservations.

  • IVR Interactive Voice Response
  • announcements with options for the caller
  • very flexibly configurable for the most varied tasks

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Conferencing Option   <Details>

Mobile communication provides an ideal condition for constructive decision making. To make it possible for you to talk to your colleagues, friends or your whole family anytime from anywhere, Asterina offers you the ideal conferencing tool - even for extremely large conferences. Independent from the used telephones you can define up to 99 conference rooms, the number of participants is nearly unlimited.

  • conference Server
  • 99 conference rooms
  • password protection for conference rooms

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Asterina wake-up-calls offer you the possibility to be woken up or reminded of certain appointments. You can record personal texts and adjust them to your appointments. Just call, insert appointments/dates and you will be woken and reminded in time.

  • user defined, personal wake up announcement
  • daily/weekly ongoing time programmable
  • selective deletion
  • easy to handle

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Access Missed Calls

Have you already wanted to access missed calls of your office phone en route? No worries, Asterina has a solution as well. You call a special extension associated with your phone, authenticate yourself accordingly and Asterina will read your missed calls to you. And so you don't have to take notes you can activate a call-back with just one keystroke - you'll be connected with the caller immediately. But you can also have the call list sent to you by email, one keystroke is sufficient!

  • retrieve and administrate call lists
  • dynamically activate call-back
  • have call list sent by email

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Remote Call Diversion

Who doesn't know this situation: in the evening, after a tiring working day you leave your office in a hurry and should prepare for next day's business trip. You are already on the way when you remember that you haven't rerouted your phone but should be reachable during your business trip. What to do?

For such situations Asterina offers a simple solution: you call a special extension associated to your phone, authenticate yourself accordingly and you can reroute your extension to a number of your choice, be it an internal extension or an external connection, however and whenever it is convenient for you.

  • external re-routing of extensions
  • external deletion of re-routings

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Remote Busy Callback

The phone of your external conversational partner is always busy - a situation that has a familiar ring? VoIP with Asterina provides an easy solution: external call-back when busy.
What is already provided by many PBX-systems for internal extensions, Asterinas now also realize for external connections. In case of a busy-tone you book a call-back by pressing a key-code and Asterina thereupon tries to reach your external conversational partner at regular intervals. As soon as your partner is available, your telephone rings and you are connected. Of course you can cancel the call-back anytime.

  • book external call-back
  • cancel external call-back

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Softclient Applications

Nowadays for many being on the road a lot it is very important always to be reachable under their known phone number and also to be able to make calls from the well-known main business number when being en route. This secures the corporate identity of the company and unnecessary complications due to unknown numbers can be avoided. The Asterina softclient features enable this unification of your phone numbers and provide you with many advantages in dealing with your customers.

  • mobility through phone software on your notebook
  • ideal for travelling salesmen, teleworkers and everyone who wants to/has to be reachable
  • telephony costs bundled through uniform connections

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Facility Management

By dialling defined specific extensions Asterina can trigger respective actions in remote maintenance areas of your computer system: shutdown or restart of your servers can be executed from remote. Also in the area of facility management Asterina can act remotely and for example control light-groups or read out temperatures. The possibilities can of course be adapted to your wishes and requirements!

  • remote control of your hardware
  • facility management via specified extensions

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