Asterina - Fax Server

The Asterina fax server in its standard configuration is designed as Fax2Email and Email2Fax gateway.

Incoming faxes are being sent to associated email addresses (according to the definition of the phantom extensions) as attachments in JPG- or PDF-format. Possible archival functionalities of incoming faxes can be configured individually.

Outgoing faxes on the other hand are received as email in Asterina. The PDF-attachment is converted to a fax-compatible format and accordingly submitted via fax. If so desired a fax transmission sheet with the status of the fax can be returned via email to the sender. Here, too, possible archival functions of outgoing faxes can be configured individually.

The sender's address of the outgoing fax is designed as standard email address:

Hence faxes can be sent directly from every email client without having to install a special program on the clients.