Asterina - Conferencing

Asterina Conferencing offers very interesting possibilities in the field of telephone conferences.

Up to 99 different conference rooms can be defined with independent conferences taking place in each of them.

As this is totally independent of the used phones, internal IP-phones as well as external (via ISDN) connected partners can attend such a conference. The amount of calls as such is not limited.

Each time a participant enters a conference room or leaves again the other participants are informed of the entry or exit via announcement, so everyone is informed about the current participant status.

For each conference room there is also an administrator who can actively invite participants but also can force them to leave.

Conference rooms can be password-protected in order to ensure that only those entering the password on their phone keyboard can actually enter the respective conference.

Conference rooms are a mighty tool in the area of audio-collaboration and are often used in connection with customer support calls. Service technicians can analyze and solve problems together with support technicians of the supplier, often in connection with a remote online access.

Conferencing Option

  • conference server
  • 99 conference rooms
  • password protection for conference rooms