Asterina - the Central VoIP-Routing-Hub!

Use the fantastic possibilities of IP-telephony!

  • You want to connect your tele-workers at home as extension lines to your company network via VoIP?
  • You want to support your branch firm with a sub-network that can also work independently?
  • You want to reach your customers, with whom you have negotiated remote-service contracts, cost-effectively via VoIP and vice versa?
  • You want to reach the continually rising number of IP-telephony participants also per VoIP?
  • You want to use ENUM?

Asterina opens the door to all these possibilities for you!

Through the very efficient and firewall-compatible protocol IAX® Asterisk® based installations can connected to each other easily just by opening a port in the firewall definition. This constitutes a considerable enhancement of IT-security. In the SIP/H-323-area, for example, comparably many ports have to be opened for signaling as well as for speech channels.

With the already granted availability of IAX-compatible IP-phones and soft-clients i.e. tele-workers can be connected directly as company extension by investment in an appropriate IP-phone. Colleagues who travel a lot can register using a IAX-soft-client directly as extension and are therefore reachable via VoIP internally as well as externally. If you call a customer, the display of the customer shows the usual head-number of the company's phone system. Additionally call volumes can be bundled and discounts negotiated with the telephony provider.

Of course all subscribers connected by native VoIP-connection are reachable. Thereby the official ENUM as well as the known parallel-organisations are accounted for. In connection with the optional LCR module very interesting and cost-effective routing models can be realized.

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