Asterina - GSM-Gateway

Companies with a great many field staff often have made so-called GSM-VPN-arrangements with their mobile communications providers, which enable telephony within the GSM-VPN-grid at 0 EUR.

In order to integrate this GSM-VPN-grid into the IP-telephony a VoIP-ISDN-gateway is essential. This, again in connection with the LCR-module, makes it possible to route calls to the own GSM-VPN-network automatically through the GSM-gateway, and ultimately costs can be saved.

There's also the possibility of defining a virtual direct dial on Asterina for every mobile phone number, which routes calls directly to the GSM mobile phone. Therefore the mobile phone numbers don't have to be made known to external interested parties and moreover you can use all features of conventional extensions, such as re-direct, voice mail, IVR and so on without limitations.

One more advantage of the flexibility of this solution!

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