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Asterina DECT - Handset 5020

General Information

The handset 5020 is an elegant yet robust mobile phone with a good many useful features.

The large color display and the intuitive menu structure are sure to make the handset 5020 a preferred choice for mobile co-workers in communications-intensive administrative working environments.


  • TFT color display (65.000 colors, 8 lines of text/icons)
  • Li-ion battery
  • 4-way navigation key
  • 2 softkeys
  • caller identification display (last 40 numbers)
  • date and time in display
  • internal/external ring tones
  • volume control
  • phone book with 250 name entries (4 numbers per name)
  • auto-login – roaming between 10 different installations
  • silent mode (mutes all alerts/calls)
  • alert on silent mode (select between flashing display, vibration or short ring tone)
  • call list of incoming/missed/received calls (last 40 entries)
  • re-dial function from call list
  • speed dial
  • automatic call answer with different settings (after first ring/on lifting from charger/on headset/loudspeaker on)
  • 10 different ring tones and adjustable ring tone volume
  • key lock
  • automatic key lock
  • vibration alert
  • automatic call acceptance (B-answer)
  • headset connection
  • ring tone in headset
  • loudspeaker function/hands-free equipment
  • adjustable volume in headset
  • call acceptance/hang up via headset key
  • muting of microphone
  • automatic call acceptance on loudspeaker activation
  • adjustable start text including logo
  • R-key for redirect and for special services
  • adjustable volume for alert (low battery(low coverage/incoming message)
  • adjustable delay for back-light (for maximum battery conservation)
  • SMS-function - maximum 72 characters per message (system dependent)
  • 10 user defined templates for messages
  • storage of 20 messages
  • call-/standby time: up to 20/200 hours
  • temperature controlled charging
  • weight including battery: 110g
  • size (LxWxH): 146x48x19mm
  • 2 types of chargers (with/without USB 2.0 connection)

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