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Door Opener Interface EX-PBX

General Information

The EX PBX universal adapter enables the connection of 4 wire door stations to any TK-installation as far as a A/B-interface is available. Thus existing door stations can be connected, or the TK-installation can be integrated into multi-family-house door speaking units.

On pressing the bell chime button on the door station the unit will seize the line and dial a pre-programmed phone number with 1 to 4 digits. On answering the call the extension is directly connected to the door station. A MFV-postfix activates the door opener contact. For special applications the adapter can also be called. On the first call signal the unit answers automatically and connects the door station.

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Performance Features

  • high-end voice-controlled hands-free device
  • busy tone detection
  • volume control for microphone and loudspeaker
  • contact controllable through MFV-postfix (door opener function)
  • controlled disconnection through MFV-postfix
  • suppression of MFV-input from outside
  • connection to analog A/B calling partner connection (bi-filar), programmable MFV- or IWV-dial
  • hardware activation timer (adjustable)
  • max. one bell chime button (12 Vac ringing voltage or dry contact) can be connected, one phone number with 1 to 4 digits can be programmed (1-0, *, #)
  • door opener time app. 4 sec
  • automatic call answer function
  • 8 Vdc voltage output for TFE, activated through line seizure
  • automatic disconnection on busy tone detection

Technical Data

  • high-end voice-controlled hands-free device
  • power consumption: min. 18 mA, telephone line powered (min. 24 V, max. 60 V)
  • stand by power consumption: 4 µA
  • power supply input: 12 Vac, max. 1 A (only for optional 8 Vdc output)
  • power supply output for TFE: 8 Vdc, max. 200 mA
  • operating temperature: - 5° to + 45° C
  • max. door opener contact load: 40 V, 2 A
  • dimensions: 158 x 89 x 57 mm (b x d x h), DIN rail box 9 DIN A standard units
  • type approvals: CE

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