VoIP - Born to Communicate

Voice over IP, in short VoIP, allows utilizing your computer network for conventional telephone conversations. VoIP thus helps you to spare cables and costs, it helps to simplify migrations and facilitates new applications for the interaction with your telephony partner.

VoIP turns speech into small data packets and sends them over the conventional data network. When calling one does not pay any additional fees, just your internet provider's fees for the internet connectivity must be calculated. Due to the improved compression techniques, VoIP speaking quality comes up to the speaking quality of conventional ISDN-telephones.

Furthermore, the transmission of speech via data packets redundantizes an additional telephone wiring. This results in a decrease of extension- and service costs.

Old systems as well as new systems can be operated side by side – they are fully compatible. Extend your telephone system without complicated rewiring and the necessity of new cabling at considerably lower costs and without having to change the already existing network wiring.

Not only speech, but also caller information like telephone numbers are transferred in digital packets. This allows you to redefine the interaction between computer and telephone and adapt it to your personal requirements. Show extended customer data together with the telephone call and improve the commitment to your company by professional and individual customer service.

Our Contribution

For several years already avalaris has been using VoIP for its company-internal communication. Due to a lot of successful customer projects we gained wide-ranging knowledge and experience and are highly skilled in the deployment of VoIP products. Use the possibilities of VoIP for your company and communicate more efficiently, more professionally and all that for a lot cheaper! avalaris acts as your technology distributor and service provider and is open for all possibilities:

  • technical consulting and advice concerning VoIP technologies
  • conceptualization, evaluation, enhancement, installation and service of VoIP networks
  • integration of PBX and VoIP-equipment/systems
  • deployment of teleworker systems and PBX-to-PBX connectivity
  • implementation of billing systems
  • construction of professional telephone systems including waiting loop administration, chief secretary functions, MS-Outlook integration et cetera

Explore the communications solutions of the modern society. Just let avalaris redefine your telephone.

avalaris - with VoIP We Let You be Heard!

VoIP - Infosheet [PDF] (in German)

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