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  • AVALARIS - Asterina Extended Plus in use at INAUT

    Vienna, 30.6.2011 - Avalaris could once again convince with their Asterisk®-based VoIP telephone system Asterina! The innovative Austrian company INAUT Automation GMBH is now operating with our powerful and flexible telephone system Asterina Extended Plus!

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  • ASTERINA - Focus on flexible and mobile VoIP

    Vienna, 31.1.2008 - Flexibility and mobility are one of the most important aspects of our VoIP solution Asterina. Substantial extensions in software as well as in upgraded hardware guarantees the famliar quality of our IP based telephone systems, which can be fine tuned at any time to the needs of our customers.

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  • ASTERINA - new posibilities in the VoIP area

    Vienna, 12.12.2007 - VoIP solution Asterina is presenting new comprehensive program features. Read more about these features in the press release, or come and visit us at the ITnT 2008 to hear more.

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  • AVALARIS presents four new ASTERINA boxes, VoIP - small and beautiful

    Vienna, 1.2.2006 - At the annual ITnT 2006 we will present our 3 new Asterina boxes, therefor 4 in total, to our interested customers. Asterina Nano, Compact, Extended or Supreme offer an optimal VoIP solution for companies of any size.

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  • AVALARIS presents ASTERINA, the book sized VoIP solution

    Vienna, 1.6.2005 - At the annual Open Source exhibition "Linuxwochen" in Vienna, Avalaris presented its new book sized VoIP solution. On location, Linuxwochen staff members were able to communicate by way of VoIP with Asterina, which thus convinced the interested visitors of its flexibility and practicability. (Article in German)

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  • AVALARIS newly implemented the Open Source Server for the Design-Database of the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK)

    Vienna, 9.3.2005 - For 2 years now, the Online Design Database (Design Info Pool) of the Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art (MAK) has been operating on an Open Source server. Avalaris newly implemented the Server and is responsible for its regular attendance and continuous security checks. (Article in German)

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  • AVALARIS developed a new web application for ELK-Fertighaus AG

    Vienna, 4.5.2004 - In the course of the grand opening of the new, innovative High-Tech Sampling Center of ELK-Fertighaus AG in Vienna a new web application has been implemented. Elk's customers will now have the possibility to choose the outfit of their Prefab House with the aid of a special sampling software especially designed and implemented by Avalaris. (Article in german)

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  • AVALARIS relaunches captive website

    Vienna, 4.3.2004 - In time with its first birthday, IT-convergence-, Open Source-, and Webconcepts provider Avalaris relaunches its website. The relaunched site appears with a new structure and adapted content and design. The content reaches from general information to solutions, from news to more technical informations and texts. (Article in german)

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  • AVALARIS becomes an accredited partner of Innovaphone

    Vienna, 18.9.2003 - By working together with the german VoIP specialist Innovaphone, AVALARIS is now able to offer a more widespread solution portfolio. Complete solutions on the basis of international standards can therefore be realized for smaller companies as well. (Article in german)

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  • Survey results: IT-Konvergenz, Mac OS X

    Vienna, 24.6.2003 - AVALARIS carried out a survey on IT-convergence and Mac OS X among Top500, PR-, Graphic-, and other enterprises in Austria. The overall result is now available on our Homepage. (Article in german)

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  • Survey: IT-convergence, Mac OS X / Mac OS-x online

    Vienna, 18.6.2003 - AVALARIS carries out a survey among Top500, PR-, Graphic- and other enterprises in Austria. The survey deals with IT- convergence and Mac OS X. Since Mac OS X has not been on the market for a long time yet there is no sufficient data available. Results of the survey will be published soon. (Article in german)

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