Our emphasis is on system integration. avalaris offers trend-setting implementation of convergent and system integrative projects and tries everything to combine all important areas into a harmonic whole.

The range of possibilities can hereby be extended over a magnitude of different categories, such as

  • Linux/BSD/UNIX
  • Apple Mac OS X
  • Voice over IP
  • wireless LAN
  • mobile data acquisition, logistics systems, facility management
  • data mining, data warehousing
  • training

Wherever convergence makes up an advantage for the customer, we try everything to put it into practice. This approach creates rationalization potentials, provides cost optimization, better infrastructures and service possibilities in the IT-environment.

Flexibility and mobility have become determining factors in a dynamic market. Telecommunication and IT merge more and more. Orientation in this field of expertise becomes even more difficult, as steadily new published technologies and standards emerge. Weakness in the decision process can be the consequence: Is the new technology future-proof? Does a change make sense at all?

Hesitating too long, however, may cause stagnation. And stagnation, in the long run, means a disadvantage and falling back from the technical trend. avalaris wants your company to stay in motion. Our widespread portfolio of services makes it possible for us to determine your individual requirements and to offer cost-efficient solutions.

Our experienced team of experts with long-time IT-background possesses the necessary know-how that is needed in order to provide high quality and reliable solutions. It is especially important to us to follow the specific requirements and wishes of every customer. Every customer makes up a single, specific project. Our credo: customized solutions for companies of every size and for various systems from one source.

Our corporate philosophy:

  • Cooperative managment with largest possible employee autonomy
  • High team spirit among the company members
  • Our highest goal lies in customer satisfaction and staff moral
  • Permanent adjustment to innovative possibilities
  • Market leadership by concentrating on Core-Business

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