Open Source - Born to be Best

A revolutionary idea conquers the world. Open source is a philosophy that can provide more for all of us. Open source products are freely available for everybody and their source code is publicly available, according to the license used.

Companies and developers which follow the open source paradigm, invite you to participate in their enthusiasm and research, to improve products and benefit from the advantages. Open source products are usually developed and tested by a large community around the globe. This common endeavor provides a faster and more efficient response to problems and new challenges.

Using open source products gives rise to various different advantages:
use stable, fully developed and secure products, which are available for a small price or even for free. Place your sensitive data in the hands of products which have been developed by a worldwide community of professionals and tested by advanced users and amateurs. And if any error is revealed, the chance is very high, that you get a corrected version quickly and for free. Perhaps even you correct the error and give it back to the community. That would be the ultimate open source approach.

Open source products are available in a wide field of applications: from desktop operating systems to server-based solutions, from professional developer tools to games; you see, a whole range of demands and requirements can be satisfied.

Our Contribution

avalaris accompanies you on your way into the open source community and provides advice and support. Our wide ranging experience with different kinds of UNIX/Linux-distributions makes us your competent partner for system planning, migration, implementation and service.

In the server and desktop domain we work with different UNIX derivates, such as Slackware, Redhat, SuSe, Mandrake and Mac OS X. Thus we are able to provide widespread solutions for many platforms – independent of the chosen operating system.

  • server and desktop installation, administration and service
  • optimization and upgrading of UNIX-systems
  • planning, implementation and evaluation of networks
  • design and implementation of secure data transfer, e.g. tele-working (VPN, IPsec)
  • integration of UNIX-platforms (Mid-range) and Legacy-systems
  • implementation and operation of redundant and highly available cluster solutions
  • implementation and operation of network management systems and tools for system monitoring
  • implementation of scalable backup solutions; designing "disaster case" strategies
  • computer center operations, out-sourcing of IT-infrastructure, service consolidation
  • customer-specific trainings/coaching
  • systematic coaching and preparation for unusual situations within the IT-area
  • design and realization of PKI

Use the possibilities of open source solutions and install/build an efficient and customized IT working environment, which corresponds perfectly to your requirements.

avalaris - Your Partner Using Open Source

Open source - Infosheet [PDF] (in German)

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