Mac OS X - Born to Fascinate

Welcome to the new world of Apple, where the familiar handling of Mac OS 9 now has been combined with the security and stability of an UNIX-operating system. Apply your approved reliable Mac programs and combine them with new solutions from the open source world.

Mac OS X is a milestone for every Apple user. The operating system was built upon a UNIX core in order to come up to today's requirements on security and stability. What is more, Apple's developers established the approved Mac surface for an easy handling of the system and provide frictionless integration of hardware.

Every Macintosh user will notice the remarkable improvement of the performance at once. Approved programs like graphic-, audio-, or video-editing programs work better and smoother and are more stable. Therefore they provide even more fun for you, experiencing your Mac.

Due to the freely available source code you will always be sure about how your operating system is going to react. That's also why Mac OS X is an ideal developers' platform and easy to adjust to your specific requirements. As it is close to other UNIX derivates, it is easy to export your programs to other systems.

Furthermore, all the programs for the UNIX/LINUX world, which follow the open source thought, are as easily imported to the Mac OS X. Thus, your system is extendable easily and cheaply.

Especially as server operating system, Mac OS X is ideal. Due to the open architecture of an UNIX system, the enhancement with different servers is an easy and secure issue. Errors and security loopholes are detected and corrected quickly by the international developers community. The stable and frictionless interaction with the defined hardware increases system stability and decreases cost.

Our Contribution

avalaris is your qualified partner concerning all requirements and questions about the new Mac OS X. Due to our long lasting experience with Mac OS X and other UNIX derivates, we are able to competently and helpfully consult you in all areas, as there are system service, conversion and extension.

  • migration from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X
  • planning, implementation and maintenance of Mac OS X servers
  • net infrastructure adjustment to a TCP/IP based system
  • integration of traditional UNIX services (e.g. Samba file server, mail server, VPN, printer server, aso.)
  • set-up and soft integration to X11 based applications
  • integration in backup systems (Amanda)
  • customer-specific trainings

Explore all the possibilities of Apple's new operating system and dunk into the boundless world of Mac OS X.

Avalaris - Always on the Sweet Side of the Apple

Mac OS X - Infosheet [PDF]

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