Areas of Competence

avalaris provides professional know-how in constructing and implementing IT-convergence and system integration projects, especially regarding open source deployment in business enterprises.

We closely work together with our customers and develop ideal solutions which comply with their specific requirements. Utilizing prototypes at an early stage helps to guarantee a successful implementation phase which we attend up to the fulfillment of the designed system units.

We indeed make every possible effort to integrate these units into a holistic solution.


System Integration

  • project management
  • profitability analysis
  • convergence consulting


  • implementation and operation of high-quality cluster solutions
  • implementation of scalable backup solutions, designing disaster case strategies
  • implementation and operation of network management systems and system monitoring and supervision
  • computer center operations, outsourcing of IT-infrastructure, service consolidation
  • integration of UNIX-platforms (mid-range) and Legacy systems
  • specific coaching and preparation for unusual situations
  • UNIX performance tuning
  • design and implementation of secure data transfer, e.g. for tele-working (VPN, IPsec)
  • design and implementation of PKI

Voice over IP

  • integration of existing Legacy telephone systems (branch offices) into a VoIP infrastructure
  • soft migration to "native VoIP" systems (Hard-IP-PBX)
  • use of Soft-PBX-Systems
  • integration of CTI, UMS and VoIP
  • small VoIP-systems for SMBs

Wireless LAN

  • planning and implementation of alternative network solutions based upon WLAN standards and wireless components
  • interconnection of dislocated office buildings
  • planning and implementation of WLAN systems for entire buildings
  • hot-spots for events and meetings
  • integration of mobile data acquisition appliances
  • last mile liberalization on behalf of wireless LAN

Apple Mac OS X

  • migration from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X
  • network infrastructure migration to a TCP/IP based system
  • integration of traditional UNIX services, e.g. Samba file server, mail server, VPNs, printer server
  • setup and soft integration to X11 based applications side by side with Aqua
  • Apple, Linux and Windows are no longer separated worlds – they can and should be integrated!

Data Mining

  • complex data analysis based on statistical data analysis and multivariate analytical methods
  • use of pattern recognition, machine learning, regression analysis, tabulation & summary of correlation analysis, graphic models
  • use in target-group-marketing, analysis of customer behavior, error analysis within telecommunication systems, credit risk analysis

Customer-Specific Training

  • internet
  • Java
  • Apple MAC OS X
  • Linux/BSD/UNIX
  • data mining

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