1. Amanda Client Enhancement

    With the enhancement "Backup-on-Shutdown" the desktop-PC is backed up automatically as soon as a user shuts down their computer and is subsequently switched off without user interactions. That is data security made easy and makes something like "forgetting" actually impossible. Should the backup process be in progress and the user later decides to continue his work, he always has the possibility to discontinue the backup process. With this enhancement, the PC doesn't have to be turned on the whole night, which diminishes the exertions for the machines, prolongs their life expectancy and saves energy.

    Package as tar.gz

  2. The Amanda Cookbook

    With the Amanda cookbook the installation of Amanda can easily be accomplished by anyone, whereas advanced users may also find useful tips and information. The cookbook basically describes how one can backup a hard disc with Amanda, how one has to configure "inetd" and "xinetd" and how patches can be deployed.
    In addition you find information on: "nightly backups with cron", "finding errors" and "reconstructing data from backups"

    Cookbook as pdf (in German)

  3. Wireless-LAN Monitoring

    "WLAN MRTG" is an enhancement of MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher). You are able to monitor your wireless network and identify weak points. Wireless traffic of every client is displayed, as well as continuous monitoring of the signal quality. Currently wireless access points, such as "Proxim Orinoco AP-2000", "Cisco Aironet 1100" and "Lancom L-54ag" are supported. In general every other wireless client with a SNMP interface can be adapted for this program.

    Package as tar.gz

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