Data Mining - Born to Extract

Should you look for new ideas or powerful strategies we have a suitable formula at the ready: data mining.
avalaris analyzes, sorts and prepares your data in order to show you new connections and hitherto uncovered information. To guarantee the latest expertise at all times and to offer innovative solutions we keep intensive contact with universities.

Data mining attempts to discover hypotheses about stored data in data warehouses using explorative methods. This means to recognize associations, classes and patterns using statistical, system-theoretical as well as visualization-based operations and methods. Data mining is also often referred to as Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD).

Through application of modern techniques in Data Mining avalaris' personnel can utilize existent but hidden information within the operational decision process.

Being an interdisciplinary research field data mining stands in close connection with statistics, artificial intelligence, data warehousing, OLAP (on-line analysis processing), expert systems, data visualization and optimization theory.

Oftentimes it is desirable to gain valuable information for strategic decisions out of a multitude of data which i.e. are gathered from a data warehouse. Using inference-statistical methods and multi-variant analysis methods as well as application of state-of-the-art statistical software (SPSS, SPLUS, R, SAS) even highly complex databases can be analyzed and the results documented.

The areas in which data mining methods can be applied are manifold:

  • target audience marketing
  • analysis ofcustomer behavior
  • measures for customer loyalty in telecommunications, commercial and service businesses
  • error analysis in telecommunications networks
  • analysis of health care data
  • liability case analysis
  • financial risk analysis
  • fraud and intrusion detection

Data Mining - Infosheet [PDF]

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