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Not only is communication and information nowadays only a push of a button away, by the use of digital technology it is also much easier collected and stored. By this, a later further processing is still possible after a long time.

No matter if procedure documentations, presentations or emails – all these documents have to be saved and stored and protected from later loss. Apart from that, it also gets more and more important to store whole system configurations in order to keep complex and specialized working environments up to date.

In the everyday use of your computer those dependencies often don't actually attract someone's attention. But if those documents accidentally get lost, a lot of problems and eventually high costs may arise. The reasons for such a data loss can be of different kinds and don't only depend on you but also on a lot of other factors and contributors to the system.

Unfortunately though, no computer user is immune when it comes to hard disc failure, hackers or abnormal system terminations, handling errors or environmental influences like water, overvoltage or magnetic fields. The more important your data is for you and your business, the harder you should think about a backup solution. By the redundancy of the data the failure probability is reduced and recovery becomes much easier.

Modern backup systems offer easy made service, they work cross platform and they can work with various security media. The backups are initiated automatically or manually. Dependent on their configuration, they are able to save everything from small data-volumes (like "my documents") up to whole systems (especially in server environments).

Backup systems are offered on the basis of all current operating systems. avalaris wants to offer backup systems especially for SMBs. We put our focus on the use of an innovative open source solution that has already been in use for years, while it is further developed and enhanced regularly.

Our Contribution

Amanda is a backup system coming from the University of Maryland. Apart from its renowned birthplace, it offers longtime evolution and easy enhancement possibilities according to its open source commitment. Amanda is applicable on conventional Linux servers with Windows-, Mac-, and Linux clients.

Explore and use this attractive, easy and comparatively cheap backup-solution to minimize data processing costs and data security expenses.

avalaris adapts the system optimally for your particular requirements and helps you with the implementation of the perfect system.

Amanda and avalaris - Data Security in Triple A Format…

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